Year 9 Technology

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs L. Teague-Schellekens

This course is a progression of the Technology Curriculum from Yrs 7 and 8. Providing the learning skills for Vocational Pathways. It is divided into four intensive ten week courses covering 4 of the 5 Technology learning areas:

  1. Hard Materials (TEM) continues to develop the basic skills using hard material (Plastic/Wood) to create, plan and follow a plan to produce a workable model 
  2. Food Technology covers basic skills, to ensure quality food product are produced, with the emphasis of cooking for their family. We specifically focus on scaffolding skills required for the next level.
  3. Design and Communication (DVC) works to develop and equip students with the basic skills required for visually communicating design ideas and applying these to a design problem.
  4. Digital (DGT) covers basic digital skills using google suite that are useful through out school and life. Computational thinking continues to be developed through the use of coding in 'Minecraft' which helps to develop skills in problem solving and critical thinking.

The fifth subject branch of Technology is Textiles (Soft Materials) - However, Textiles is not introduced until Year 10,  as an option subject. It does not require any prerequisite.

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

Food Technology cost $55 for take home food prepared in class
DVC cost $10 for stationery provided in class
Hard Materials cost $40 for take home project

We are BYOD - Workbooks will be provided through our digital platform - Google suite in Google classroom


Further next steps and eligible to select:
10 Food Technology
10 Textiles
10 Hard Materials
10 Digital
10 WOW - Electives
10 Build, upgrade and maintain a network PC (BNP) - Electives

Career Pathways

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