Back in Time for Dinner

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms L. Heald

In every era, the unfolding of history and cultures has been intimately tied to food. Civilization itself began in the quest for food. This elective will offer students the opportunity to take a journey through time to investigate our cultures and others through their cuisine. This old knowledge will then be used to create solutions for the United Nations Sustainability Goal number 2: Zero Hunger. You are now an active global citizen. 

We will begin by exploring how the foods we know and love came to be. This will also involve understanding how cultures have adapted and changed the way they process and store food prior to modern conveniences.  Then how do we use this knowledge to feed the world?

Then we will explore aspects of food in other places and times. Break bread with the Vikings, eat treats with the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, unveil the power of chocolate to the Aztecs.  You will choose an era to showcase a feast that you wish to share and participate in. Bon Appetit!

Students will learn in context with expert guidance and through project based learning to explore cultures:
In groups research, plan and host a feast showcasing a place/culture, era and season. Present ideas for the Zero Hunger goal.
Your work will be displayed digitally so that others can learn from the work your share.

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

Cost $20 for take home food prepared in class