Song Writing / Creating

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Plummer

Songs are a powerful form of communication. You will learn to appreciate why and how songs are important to our lives. This course is for anyone who enjoys MUSIC but you don’t have to be amazing on an instrument.

In Song Creating we will do the following learning

  • Listen to and analyse songs from a variety of genres 
  • Compose songs to suit specific ideas or tell a story
  • Create poetry (lyrics)
  • Record songs using music technology
  • Perform a range of songs in class and possibly to a live audience

Creating songs has many links to other areas of learning such as poetry, languages, media studies, social and cultural studies, marketing and advertising, history and philosophy. You will be encouraged to be creative but most importantly this course will empower you to use your voice and/or have your songs sung by others. You will be encouraged to work collaboratively. 

We will aim to include a number of original songs composed by students in this course at the Junior Showcase in December. You may also include the songs you have created in Year 10 as assessment songs for the Composition standard for L1 the following year.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Analysis of lyrics through listening
Lots of brainstorming - what is the intention, subject matter, sentiment of the lyrics
Playing with word meanings, rhyming, poetry, phrasing and form for maximum impact.
Introduction to song structure
Exploring composition devices song writers use and experimenting with these
Identifying typical harmonic progressions commonly used in songs
Finding your own individual vocal range and identifying the 'sweet' spot

Term 2
Building confidence with singing songs and sharing with others (performance)
Working with devices to record songs using midi (musical instrument digital interface)
Sharing original ideas
Collaborating as a small group or whole class on a song composition
Preparing for performance
Possibly recording studio visit
Creating a lead sheet

Term 3
This course will run for 2 terms only.

Recommended Prior Learning

It will be helpful if you listen to a variety of music and have some personal preference as to the style of songs you like.

This course encourages you to be creative and willing to work with others using musical instruments.

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

A quality pair of headphones and a device that you can record audio with.


Year 10 Song writing will cover the process of composition and musical analysis as well as basic midi and audio recording skills. We will sing lots of songs as a class while we get inspiration from the great song writers of the last 50 years.