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Year 10 English as an Additional Language

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Fry.

Recommended Prior Learning

Most learners who enter this course at the beginning of the year have taken 9EAL in the previous year. Some learners will enter this course when they graduate Intensive English (INE) mid-year. Other students will enter after a placement test when they arrive at Riccarton High School during the year.

This class is for English Language Learners who are learning at Stage 3 of the English Language Learning Progressions. This is a dynamic course which builds the language and literacy skills required for NCEA Level 1. There is a strong focus on reading and writing fluency. This course teaches students about how the language works so they can write and read effectively.  

Please note: this course runs in the "option" subject line, for both Semester A and B. 

Learning Areas:

Year 10 Semester Courses, English as an Additional Language


Level 1 English for Academic Purposes, Level 1 English Language Literacy Internal