Level 1 Everyday Science

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr M. Seddon

This is an achievable course for students and has been designed to provide opportunities to students to develop hands-on, practical skills in a real-world context. The skills developed could then be applied to life outside of the classroom.
The course includes a study of life processes, growing and maintaining seeds, investigating the implications of heat for everyday life and an introduction to electronics.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Growing and maintaining plants grown from seeds in containers. This involves preparing containers, planting seeds, and then taking care of them, including one transplantation into a larger container. At the same time, you will be thinking about factors that affect seed germination and seedling growth.

Term 2
Investigating factors that affect seed germination and reporting on the investigation. You will also start developing some simple electronics that can perform basic functions.

Term 3
Completing the electronics project. The rest of the term is about heat (conduction, convection and radiation) and the implications for you in your everyday life.

Term 4
Finishing off the work on heat and reporting on findings.

Learning Areas:

Putaiao - Sciences


Level 2 Electronics, Level 2 Science and Sustainability