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Level 1 Textiles Technology

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs L. Teague-Schellekens.

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 10 Textiles, 10Art, 10 DVC or 10TEM would be beneficial due to the design aspect of these courses

Textiles at Level One is a subject for students interested in Fashion, Design and a love of fabrics. The course provides opportunities to produce garments that reflect individuality. There is time for two design projects; one which reflects the teenage identity and the second a student led design outcome. The course is run in a specialist room using a range of machines necessary for producing textile outcomes.

The student focus during this course is:

To understand and follow a design process.

To develop an understanding for the processes of manipulation, transformation or combining to create an outcome  

To use feedback (korero) to refine an outcome and inform the 'fitness for purpose' for the outcome 

To gain confidence in reflecting and evaluating the application of sustainable practices in the development of materials and processing technology design

To apply sustainable practices and making relevant refinements to enhance the sustainable practices to a technology design

This course contain 16 compulsory credits. 12 credit are internally assessed and 4 credits are gained externally.

NB: Level 1 Materials and processing Technology Achievement Standards, are covered in two Technology courses; Textiles and Design Technology. If you want to do both courses at Level 1, then you must consider that you will only be able to gain a maximum of 20 credits across the two courses. No matter what course you choose, you will have entry into both Level 2 Textiles and Design Technology.

Learning Areas:

Food and Fabric, Hangarau - Technology


Level 2 Design Technology, Level 2 Textiles Technology

Career Pathways

Printer, Textile Process Operator, Garment Technician, Cutter, Fashion Designer, Sewing Machinist, Coachbuilder/Trimmer, Conservator, Patternmaker, Engineering Machinist, Importer/Exporter, Artist, Collision Repair Technician, Tailor/Dressmaker

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

Cost $50 includes the fabrics and extras required for their first take home garment

No stationary required as we are entirely digital. we use the Google Classroom as our platform.