Level 1 Textiles Technology

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs L. Teague-Schellekens

The student focus during this course is:
· To use design ideas to produce a conceptual design for an outcome which addresses a given brief.

· To use this conceptual design and undertake developing a prototype to address the given brief.

· During the making of the prototype include basic procedure using textile products 

· Develop confidence in the above processes.

Subject Overview

Term 1
AS91058 Implement basic procedures using textiles materials to make a specified product. - For the Top Half
This includes:
Technological modelling, such as seam trialing, fabric choices, skills choices, construction flow and any problems faced during the construction process.
Brief development introduction, it's refinement and evaluating their final outcome to the specification they have itemized. Stakeholders and their feedback
Following instructions and adding additional process to included any personal changes the student would like to include.
A cultural embellishment that pertains to their individuality
They follow guided health and safety procedures. Identifying issues faced during the construction stage and problem solving to overcome these issues

Term 2
AS901044 - Undertake brief development to address a need or opportunity. This with emphasis on the Bottom Half:
AS91046 - Use design ideas to produce a conceptual design for and outcome to address a brief.

These 2 Achievement Standards will continue through to the end of the year.

Term 3
Design Briefs ( initial/refined/final) - Context Statements, specifications, Attributes,
Conceptual Designs - Design Development, Mood boards, Planning and evaluation, Final concept designs
Stakeholders and their feedback - advice, guidance, constructive criticism and suggestions to help reach their final design/brief
Mock-up / Toile - to practice new techniques for the construction of their chosen design. This helps them practice any new techniques, work through the construction process and iron out any constraint or issues they face during this time.
Begin Prototype

Term 4
Complete prototype - following their revised construction process.


Level 2 Textiles Technology

If your passion is clearly in fashion and textiles or any branch of this subject area, then:
If you are wanting to take this further as a career, this course enables you to enrol in a Degree in Fashion Deesign at Massey (Wellington) or Otago University or a Fashion Design course at ARA in Christchurch
If you are interested in developing Textiles as a career a Degree in Textiles is possible at Massey university in Wellington
Massey University (Wellington) - Bachelors Degree with Honours - all the degrees below are connected to Soft Materials Technology and the Technology Process
Concept Design
Fashion Design
Integrated Design
Spatial Design
Textile Design

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

Cost $40 includes the fabrics and extras required for their first take home garment

Stationary: A3 Visual Diary or A3 Clearfile (20 pages)

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 10 Textiles, 10Art, 10 DVC or 10TEM would be beneficial due to the design aspect of these courses

Credit Information
Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91044 v3 Generic Technology 1.1 - Undertake brief development to address a need or opportunity
Term: null, Week: null
A.S. 91046 v3 Generic Technology 1.3 - Use design ideas to produce a conceptual design for an outcome to address a brief
Term: null, Week: null
A.S. 91058 v4 Construction and Mechanical Technologies 1.21 - Implement basic procedures using textile materials to make a specified product
Term: null, Week: null
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 16 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 16 credits.