Riccarton High School Riccarton High School

Level 2/3 Sculpture

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Blackwell.

Recommended Prior Learning

2023 - 1.5 Miniature Sculpture Unit in 1ART

or 2022 - 1.5 Miniature Sculpture Unit in 1ART 

Visual Arts Sculpture is a course designed to develop students' ownership of their creative output, with a foundation in the principles and skills of working in a 3D context. They will develop knowledge of current processes, procedures, materials, techniques, and conventions of sculpture practice whilst looking at the work of contemporary artists. 

Students will gain experience in creating work using construction (build/model/cast) and deconstruction methods to produce work in a context that can include performance, environmental, installation, found object and assemblage. This course is driven by the student's own creative practice, whilst giving them the structure and guidance to support their success. An exciting and incredibly diverse course, Sculpture will fill the cup of those wanting to explore all that it means to be an artist!

Students will complete 2 Internals and the External Portfolio throughout the duration of year.

Level 3 Sculpture is a UE approved subject.

Learning Areas:

Ngā Toi - Arts

Assessment Information

Level 2 Students will be assessed against the Level 2 Achievement Standards
Level 3 Students will be assessed against the Level 3 Achievement Standards

For both courses, students will attempt 2 Internals and create a body of work for an external folio.
The maximum credits available in the course will be as follows:
Level 2 students - 20 credits
Level 3 students - 22 credits