Level 2 Visual Art Design

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Blackwell

Recommended Prior Learning

Level 1 Art

Level 2 Design introduces students to a new field in Art which focuses on the development of creative outcomes and ideas using the design process. The course seeks to develop the student’s understanding of methods, ideas, and conventions specific to Design, including the use of computer programs Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create final outcomes. The 2.5 assessment would only be entered as an alternative to the external portfolio. The maximum number of credits available to students is 20.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Introduction to design and experimental mark-making in a range of media. Adobe Photoshop training.

Term 2
Development of a poster design for the internal achievement standards. Adobe Illustrator training.

Term 3
Individual program working towards completion of external portfolio.

Term 4
Individual program working towards completion of external portfolio.

Learning Areas:

Ngā Toi - Arts


Level 3 Visual Art Design, Level 3 Visual Art Photography

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

Cost $40.00 for specialised equipment and stationery pack. This pack will be issued in class.

Assessment Information In this course students will be assessed for a minimum of two internal assessment standards and will then go on to create an external portfolio submission. If they opt out of the portfolio they may be offered an additional internal assessment opportunity.
Pathway Tags

Animator/Digital Artist, Illustrator, Pattern maker, Artist, Fashion Designer, Web designer, Textile designer, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Technical Writer, Graphic Pre-press Worker, Visual Merchandiser, Game Developer, Photographer, Printer, Sign-maker, User Experience Designer