Level 2 Pasifika Studies

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Fry

Recommended Prior Learning

Preferably an ability in a Pasifika language and/or an interest in Pasifika culture in the Pacific Islands and globally.

Pasifika Studies aims to develop a student’s Pasifika language, critical thinking about different aspects of Pasifika culture(s) as well as performance and written/oral presentation skills. Samoan language, Tongan language and Cook Island Māori language are all University Entrance subjects if students continue these to Level 3. 

Our Pasifika Studies course works as a village: students from Years 10-13 have class together. Students who are fluent in Samoan, Cook Is Māori and Lea Faka-Tonga can be assessed through Achievement Standards (including two external exams); Graded Pacific Studies Unit Standards are also on offer, including an investigation and a presentation standard. Dance standards can be part of the course.  

Students will choose up to 4 standards or 18 credits from those offered.

Course endorsement is available.

Learning Areas:

Ngā Reo - Learning Languages


Level 3 Pasifika Studies