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Level 2 Skills for Your Future

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss A. Cording.

Recommended Prior Learning

No prior learning required. 

This course offers the opportunity to develop a range of life and work skills that will be useful
while at school and as you transition into further study or work.
1. Development of soft skills (identified by employers) and key competencies
2. Future planning
3. Financial literacy, flatting/renting and matters relating to taxation.

Subject Overview

Term 1
The Global Workplace:

Term 1 focusses on personal identity and the way we express our culture. In learning about our cultural traditions and our heritage, we also have a chance to learn about each others. With this knowledge, we can broaden our skills in cultural responsiveness and work across the globe, enhance our interpersonal communication skills and empower each other regardless our differences.

Term 2
Financial Matters

Term 2 Focusses on Financial Capabilities, insurance, tax, Kiwisaver and banking. In this unit we look at how we can best protect our belongings, budget and understand our rights when it comes to renting or flatting.

Term 3
Workplace Skills

In term 3 we look at conflict resolution skills, and workplace admin capabilities. By focussing on successful employment and interpersonal skills, you can have the confidence to land your dream job, and work towards leadership opportunities in those roles.

Term 4

Term 4 gives us the opportunity to wrap up our themes from the first 3 terms and look at a service project.

Learning Areas:

Vocational Pathways

Assessment Information

All assessment are Unit Standards, and internally asssessed.
Please note, these assessments do not count towards NCEA level 1, or UE literacy.


Level 3 Skills for Your Future

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