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Level 2 Te Ao Māori

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Matua R. Roberts.

This course is for students who are passionate and interested in growing their understanding of all aspects of Te Ao Māori. It includes Politics, History, Māori Performing Arts and Mahi Toi. There will also be an opportunity to research topics of personal interest that involve Te Ao Māori.

This course is based on historic and contemporary issues and kaupapa that affect or are relevant to Māori. This is a discussion-based, project-based and practical course that will assess through areas of interest of our ākonga. Māori performing arts, history, tikanga and current issues are the base kaupapa. Unit Standard assessments will come authentically out of these kaupapa. Ākonga will choose up to four standards or 18 credits.

Learning Areas:

Ngā Reo - Learning Languages


Level 3 Te Ao Māori

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

Voluntary contribution of $50 - $100 for a noho.