Riccarton High School Riccarton High School

Level 3 Biology / Mātauranga Koiora

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Baars.

Recommended Prior Learning

AS9115714 - Demonstrate understanding of genetic variation and change plus TWO other Biology Standards at Achieved level, or by consultation with Mr. Baars.

Biology is the study of living things, how they function, how they are connected, and how change happens over time. Change, and how living things respond to it, has immediate and long-term implications for your health. It also impacts on the survival of species, through extinction and the evolution of new species. An understanding of how this happens will help you think about change on a wide range of time scales.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Responding to the environment - investigating animal behaviour at Orana Wildlife Park and learning about homeostasis in humans.

Term 2
Investigating and reporting on a socio-scientific issue and exploring how and why speciation occurs, with a strong focus on New Zealand - this country is Disneyland for Biologists!

Term 3
Developing our understanding of speciation further, then using what we have learnt to explore human evolution, including another trip to Orana Wildlife Park, looking at the primates there, along with their extensive hominid and hominin replica skull collection.

Term 4
Completion of learning for human evolution and revision.

Learning Areas:

Putaiao - Sciences

Career Pathways

Massage Therapist, Ship's Master, Medical Laboratory Technician, Radiation Therapist, Nursery Grower/Worker, Occupational Therapist, Optometrist, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Phlebotomist, Quarantine Officer, Radiation Oncologist, Brewer, Mechanical Engineer, Speech-Language Therapist, Sterilising Technician, Fishing Skipper, Water/Wastewater Treatment Operator, Clinical Physiologist, Physician, Pet Groomer, Surgeon, Midwife, Dental Assistant, Science Technician, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Clinical Coder, Dental Technician, Community Karitāne, Pharmacist, Crop Farmer/Manager, Oral Health Therapist, Acupuncturist, Dentist, Medical Imaging Technologist, Diagnostic Radiologist, Dietitian, Personal Trainer/Exercise Professional, Dispensing Optician, Registered Nurse, Agricultural/Horticultural Scientist, Forensic Scientist, Agricultural/Horticultural Consultant, General Practitioner, Gynaecologist/Obstetrician, Psychiatrist, Dog Trainer, Paramedic, Anaesthetist, Anaesthetic Technician, Geologist, Environmental Scientist, Pathologist, Veterinary Nurse, Zoologist, Beekeeper, Chemist, Aquaculture Farmer, Zookeeper, Environmental/Public Health Officer, Marine Biologist, Arborist, Ranger, Medical Physicist, Meat/Seafood Process Worker, Food Technologist, Professional Sportsperson, Audiologist/Audiometrist, Forest Manager, Forestry Scientist, Pest Control Technician, Microbiologist, Landscaper, Gardener, Beauty Therapist, Farmer/Farm Manager, Agricultural/Horticultural Field Representative, Biochemist, Health and Safety Adviser, Biomedical Engineer, Health Promoter, Biomedical Technician, Biotechnologist, Biosecurity Officer, Health Care Assistant, Naturopath, Orchard Farmer/Manager, Support Worker, Veterinarian, Ophthalmologist, Viticulturist