Riccarton High School Riccarton High School

Level 3 Textiles Technology

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs L. Teague-Schellekens.

Recommended Prior Learning

Level 2 Hard materials or Textiles is a valuable asset due to the technology processes covered in the course.

A student who has design capabilities such as DVC or Art Design, will also be considered for entry into this course due to the design aspect required for this course.

The emphasis in Year 13 Textile is for the students to fully lead the design inquiry process towards the production of design outcome that address real world or individual issue. This course is considered good preparation for students who are considering further tertiary study in the field of technology; Product Design, Fashion design and Textiles. The student focus during this course is:

  • The development of a conceptual design to fit a purpose in the broadest sense for an identified issue or client. 
  • To construct a prototype using the conceptual design to fit a purpose and /or a client. 
  • To experiment through trailing,  to discover the best way forward in the design process for a successful outcome for the end user.
  • To experience and include a number of complex procedures.

Engagement with the wider "maker" community is necessary to gain valuable feedback for informed development of the design process and overall outcome.

Learning Areas:

Food and Fabric, Hangarau - Technology

Career Pathways

Printer, Textile Process Operator, Garment Technician, Cutter, Fashion Designer, Sewing Machinist, Conservator, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Patternmaker, Importer/Exporter, Artist, Tailor/Dressmaker

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

Cost $35 for extra items required to complete their take home project

Stationary: Colouring aids of your choice or see Mrs Teague-Schellekens. Most of their work is now digitally presented so stationary is optional