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Year 9 Music

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms A. Plummer.

Year 9 Music gets taught to everyone for 1 term. 

The programme of work will vary slightly but in general you will be taught basic skills on keyboards and guitar. This course provides you with a taster of what it means to be a musician. You will be encouraged to listen to lots of musical genres to discover what bands and singers you like. We learn a little bit of theory to help with instrument playing and we also sing a range of songs and waiata together as a class. 

Learning Areas:

Ngā Toi - Arts


Year 10 Music

Most students will be studying MUSIC for the 1st term. There is a lot to learn in only 1 term. If you have been lucky enough to learn an instrument at Primary School we will try to keep you going in Year 9.
You can choose to be in the Performance Music class if you already play an instrument. This is not a class for beginners