Year 10 Boards, Cards, Dice and Padlocks

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr A. Jefferson

Over the last decade, board and cards games have seen a huge boom in popularity. Much more interesting titles such as Catan, Ticket to Ride, Codenames, Pandemic and many others have become increasingly well known, replacing old school "roll and move" games like Monopoly, Cluedo or the Game of Life. The emergence of escape rooms also reflects the growth of alternatives to devices and digital gaming. 

This course is designed to give you an appreciation of modern board game design, particularly in the way that mechanics and theme are used to make the game more enjoyable. The benefits in terms of social interactions, learning about the theme and developing strategic thinking will also be considered. You will play a wide range of different games, reflecting on how they work, what they do well and how they could be improved. You will then look at how you can apply what you have learnt to design a game of your own or modify an existing game to improve it.

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

You may make components for your game design using school equipment such as the 3D printer or laser cutter. Any "take home" components will be charged based on materials used. There is a possibility of an optional field trip to do an escape room depending on interest. You might also end up with a list of games you'd like to buy!

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