Year 10 Let's Create a Show

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Grubb

Calling all actors, singers, dancers, musicians, song writers, techies, ventriloquists, mimes, stand up comedians, circus performers etc

This course is designed to incorporate your skills and passion for either onstage or technical performance, whether that be an original song, a short devised theatre piece, a scripted piece of theatre, juggling, tight rope walking, magic, or a dance piece to name a few. The goal is to have a performance night at the end of
the process potentially like a cabaret or variety concert.

Through consultation with you we will come up with a piece or pieces to show to an audience, whether we tour it to the local primary and intermediate schools or we perform it at school or a venue elsewhere will be determined by what the collective (Students with Staff support) decides.

Potential outcomes could include competing in a national one-act play competition where there could be, if the performance is selected, travel to regional and potentially national festivals or something like this. The cost of these trips will be students responsibility if this eventuates.

Dare to show your passion!