Perform Aotearoa

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr C. Grubb

Are you an international student who wants a chance to get a truly NZ experience and you want to develop your knowledge of Aotearoa?

Are you a student who is already ensconced in te reo or the performing arts and want a chance to lead? 

Are you a student who wants to extend your learning whether you are a beginner in te reo or performance, or you are well versed in either or both and are looking for the next steps in their education?

Are you looking for a course where you can use your knowledge of Te Ao Māori to support an active, team environment.

Do you want to experience the Māori performing arts? This course would bring together elements of dance, drama, music and Māori performing arts with a focus on the stories, songs and arts of the Māori world,

This is an inclusive and supportive course, where everyone is welcome. 

This course would operate across a variety of disciplines, working collaboratively especially within The Arts and Learning Languages.