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Dance Technique and Performance

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Dance Technique and Performance is purely a technical dance class where students will grow their physical ability in their chosen genres of dance.

This course can:

  • Complement outside dance training, adding an extra three hours a week for building technique and strength required for outside dance exams.
  • Offer opportunities to compete at competitions and perform at events such as the dance recital.
  • Create relationships between dancers and their genre of expertise, growing collective knowledge of a range of dance styles needed for a career in dance.
  • Complement NCEA dance classes by improving technique needed for performance standards. 
  • Explore dance for film, creating short cinematic dance videos

Students will have the opportunity to choreograph their own dances and learn routines from experts. 

Students will learn about dance as a career path and different opportunities for growth within the entertainment and education sectors.

Students will be able to use class time to hone their skills and feed their passion for dance during school hours.

Students will learn about anatomy, strength, stretching and nutrition in a supportive, knowledgeable and safe environment. 

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Assessment Information

Students will have the opportunity to perform at competitions and events, showcasing their learning.