Year 10 Business and Personal Finance

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr B. Wedlake.

10 Business & Personal Financial Skills


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In Year 10 Business & Personal Financial Skills, students get to understand the consequences of decisions they might make about their everyday finances. Content includes careers, income & taxes, budgeting, spending & borrowing, saving & investment, insurance, and an introduction to Accounting. Members of this class may also get a subscription to Banqer High software, which enables them to use and reinforce the financial skills they learn in class. Financial literacy is being prioritized in schools globally. This course also begins to lay a foundation for Commerce courses such as Accounting and Economics, which students may choose to study in senior school.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Shares: introduction to the share market, focusing on shares of NZ companies; students create a portfolio of shares and track these using spreadsheets.
Income: researching careers, required qualifications (cost and time), income and job prospects, taxation; creating and using budgets to manage personal finances
Saving & Investment: focuses on idea of 'paying yourself first'' and covers banking, simple and compound interest plus further options to make savings work for you

Term 2
Spending & Borrowing: understanding available options to buy and pay; credit options, how they work and what they cost
Insurance: personal insurance, how it works and what it costs
Accounting: introduction to the Accounting Equation and financial statements

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

Stationery: 1 x 2B8
Other costs: NIL


As part of 10BUS, students learn to budget and process business transactions through the Accounting Equation. They also learn what the financial statements of a business tell us. This content provides a good foundation for Level 1 Commerce, which leads on to Levels 2 and 3 Accounting and opportunities for subsequent tertiary study and strong career prospects. Understanding the financials is valued by any organization, be it a business, club or school. This understanding begins with personal financial literacy. The focus here is on students learning to make informed decisions about their own finances. The concepts covered herein also provide a sound basis for the study of Economics.