Year 10 Business and Personal Finance

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr B. Wedlake

This course encourages financial understanding. Students learn to make informed and effective decisions about their everyday finances. Topics include Income & Taxation, Budgeting, Saving & Investment, Spending & Borrowing, Insurance, Consumer Rights and an Introduction to Accounting. This is a cross-curricular course including social science, technology and mathematics. Its focus is financial literacy, money-based education.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Shares: introduction to the share market, focusing on shares of NZ companies; students create a portfolio of shares and track these using spreadsheets.
Income: researching careers, required qualifications (cost and time), income and job prospects, taxation; creating and using budgets to manage personal finances
Saving & Investment: focuses on idea of 'paying yourself first'' and covers banking, simple and compound interest plus further options to make savings work for you

Term 2
Spending & Borrowing: understanding available options to buy and pay; credit options, how they work and what they cost
Insurance: personal insurance, how it works and what it costs
Accounting: introduction to the Accounting Equation and financial statements

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

Stationery: 1 x 2B8
Other costs: NIL


As part of 10BUS students learn to budget and process business transactions through the Accounting Equation. They also learn what the financial statements of a business are telling us. This content provides a good foundation for Level 1 Accounting, which itself leads on to Levels 2 and 3 Accounting and opportunities for subsequent tertiary study and strong career prospects. Understanding the financials is valued by any organisation, be it a business, club or school. This begins with personal financial literacy. The focus here is on students learning to make informed decisions about their own finances. The concepts covered herein also provide a sound basis for study of Economics.

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