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Level 1 Design and Visual Communication

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs J. Johnston.

Recommended Prior Learning

It is recommended students have taken 10DVC or DAB to give them a supporting start in the skills required.

Level One Design and Visual Communication students develop a range of skills over the course of the year through a range of Product and Spatial design, using Visual Communication to address how design ideas and outcomes are appropriately presented to a viewer. Akonga with be required to engage with Te Ao Maori principles and knowledge, implementing these within project outcomes. Product design focuses on the development of tangible items that have a specific function within people's everyday lives. Spatial design is about the designing of three-dimensional spaces in terms of how they are experienced, occupied, or used by people.  

Skills covered in this course:

  • Design Thinking (creative and critical thinking)
  • Problem Solving
  • Sketching
  • CAD modeling
  • Rendering with markers
  • Photo rendering 
  • Presentation
  • Drawing Board skills
  • Design Heritage

Students work is assessed in two internal standards, and an external portfolio at the end of the year.

Taking CAD elective along side DVC is a great way to advance skills for a range of standards. This course is also complementary to Design Technology. 

Any inquiries contact Mrs Johnston

Learning Areas:

Hangarau - Technology


Level 2 Design and Visual Communication

Career Pathways

Photographer, Metal Worker, Boat Builder, Naval Architect, Project Manager, Fabrication Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Roofer, Surveyor, Film/Television Camera Operator, User Experience Designer, Flooring Installer, Geospatial Specialist, Urban/Regional Planner, Garment Technician, Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Technician/Draughtsperson, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Industrial Designer, Concrete Worker, Conservator, Quantity Surveyor, Editor, Animator/Digital Artist, Advertising Specialist, Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Product Assembler, Laundry Worker/Dry-cleaner, Electrical Engineering Technician, Patternmaker, Engineering Machinist, Information Technology Architect, Architect, Architectural Technician, Media Producer, Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Film and Video Editor, Electronics Engineer, Microbiologist, Lighting Technician, Game Developer, Landscape Architect, Landscaper, Building Insulator, Biomedical Engineer, Biotechnologist, Joiner

Approximate Costs and Equipment/Stationery

Cost $20 for presentation boards, specialised drawing paper/card

Equipment required for this course: A3 drawing folder, 30/60 and 45 degree set squares, compass, colour pencils, scale ruler, eraser, eraser shield, 2H pencils.
An equipment folder that includes all of these items can be purchased through school at a cost of $40.