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Level 2 Science and Sustainability

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr R. Baars.

Recommended Prior Learning

It is recommended that you have L1 Literacy and have gained at least 4 credits in a L1 Science course. 

This is a course for students wanting to do a Level 2 science course for a career or interest without specialising in one or more of biology, chemistry, and physics. You will develop an understanding of some ‘big ideas’ of Science as well as learning more about how your knowledge and actions affect the sustainability of your lifestyle. As part of this course, you may also contribute to the school and the wider community through several service projects during your learning. Students wishing to pursue a course endorsement will choose to sit the externally assessed Achievement Standard 91193 as an exam, while the rest of the class will complete the internally assessed Achievement Standard 91187 by completing a science investigation.

Subject Overview

Term 1
Exploring values you and other people have and how they influence your decisions around what food you eat and where you get it from, with a focus on becoming more sustainable in your habits. You will also start exploring extreme environments, starting with Antarctica as an example.

Term 2
Once you understand Antarctica as an extreme environment and know how adaptations and technology help us survive there, you will then apply that understanding to New Zealand alpine (= mountain) environments and how we can survive the extreme conditions there. You will also start learning about how earth systems (atmosphere and oceans) interact to create the climate we currently enjoy. You can then begin to see why climate change is a major issue, because you will understand the science better.

Term 3
Completing the earth systems topic and using results from the formative to decide whether you will sit this as an external assessment to aim for an endorsement or do an internally assessed practical investigation in Term 4. The rest of the term will be spent investigating an issue and looking at the validity of the information given to the public. The issue we will explore is plastic pollution in the Earth's oceans.

Term 4
Revision for earth systems OR completing an internally assessed practical investigation.

Learning Areas:

Putaiao - Sciences


Level 3 Science and Sustainability

The Level 2 course explores sustainability using a range of contexts. The Level 3 course will ask you to use what you have learnt to explore one issue in-depth for the whole year.

Career Pathways

Survey Interviewer, Recreation Co-ordinator, Quarantine Officer, Outdoor Recreation Guide/Instructor, Social Worker, Water/Wastewater Treatment Operator, Intelligence Officer, Marketing Specialist, Urban/Regional Planner, Science Technician, Emergency Management Officer, Journalist, Editor, Auditor, Dietitian, Agricultural Technician, Personal Assistant, Energy/Carbon Auditor, Environmental/Public Health Officer, Archivist, Ranger, Fishery Officer, Barrister, Pest Control Technician, Rubbish/Recycling Collector, Landscape Architect, Health and Safety Inspector, Health and Safety Adviser, Health Promoter, Biosecurity Officer, Immigration Officer, Primary School Teacher