Riccarton High School Riccarton High School

Level 3 English Language for Practical Purposes

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Fry.

Recommended Prior Learning

This is determined by a placement test, successful study in 1ELITI, 1ELIT or 2ELP or in consultation with Ms Fry.

This class is for English Language Learners who are learning at Stage 2-3 of the English Language Learning Progressions. This 2024 course will help students communicate effectively to prepare them for their future pathways, whether this is further study and/or employment. The course focuses on the elements of good writing, paragraph structure, sentence types and the logical linking of ideas while at the same time developing students reading, speaking and listening skills.  

Not a UE approved subject.

Learning Areas:

English as an Additional Language


Level 3 English for Academic Purposes