Year 9 Dance

Subject Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss C. Robinson

Junior Dance focuses on building confidence and collaboration skills within the class. 

We also focus on:

- how we create dance using movement from our favorite sports

- human anatomy (skeletal and muscular) and how physics relates to dance

- how to work in a group 

- broadening our knowledge of different dance styles around the world

- viewing physical activity as a positive experience

- learning how to perform and support those performing

- learning about the dance elements, essential for creating complex choreographic works later on

Subject Overview

Term 1
Each term is the same format. First year students have one term of dance.

Unit One: Research It - Exploring dance from around the world and why we dance.
Unit Two: Sport Smash - Ordering movement taken from sport, we work on the dance elements that include space, time, body awareness, relationships and energy quality
Unit Three: Inspiring Dancers - A unit that targets self reflection and the qualities that successful people have.

Learning Areas:

Ngā Toi - Arts


Year 10 Dance

As dance continues through Riccarton High School, choices are key. Students get to specialize in their chosen styles and create art that they are passionate about.
Senior dance uses contemporary pedagogies to embed important digital and business skills. Students conceptualize their own works and see them all the way through to performance using the design thinking process and project based learning.